Tech Talk Tuesday – 11/21/17: 3D Laser Surveying Tips

3D Surveying – Tips for Getting Better Results

These days 3D laser scanning is one of the best ways to achieve accurate results for land survey work. There are many reasons why 3D laser scanning is used, but like all other types of data there are ways to fine tune your results. 

 3D laser scanning works by scanning or sweeping through an area with tiny laser beams to collate as much information about it as possible. With multiple sweeps done over a single area, the average of all the sweeps will help you come up with the best result.

While this is effective, you can come up with significantly better result by following these tips:

  • Aerial Scans: These models have become extremely prominent in the business. With increased accuracy, you can easily pinpoint the location and the depth with up to 1 centimeter! If you have to scan difficult lands or dangerous areas, an aerial scan works better as you can get it done from the air! It is controlled through drones, and the 3D rendering is created as and when it scans. 
  • Textures: The 3D models and rendering created by the laser scanning has also advanced. Choosing a more advanced model as compared to the basic one ensures that the data received is a lot more accurate. This can help you figure out the nature and conditions of the land that is surveyed. 
  • Double Check: While the initial data received can be accurate to a certain extent, it is not necessarily the best result. Before signing it off, ensure that your surveyor does two more surveys to get the best results possible. The average of these results are more accurate than the individual results, studies have shown. 

There are many different ways to use 3D scanning surveys, but you need to be able to understand the science behind it to formulate the data accurately. If you’re interested  in learning more about the hardware, software and techniques you can use to get the best data, join us on 11/28/17 at 9 AM EST for our Laser Scanning – Which Solutions are Right for You webinar.


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