Tech Talk Tuesday – 01/02/18: Trimble Business Center Mouse Tips

Welcome to the first tech Talk Tuesday of 2018, this week we are exploring the right-click mouse button in TBC.  There are many reasons why it is useful to know what this button can do for you especially the time you can save.  

The primary function of the right-click mouse button in TBC is to allow quick access to many of the commonly used commands.  By right-clicking on the plan, 3D, station, or cutting plane view will open the right-click Context Menu.  See the image below for a description of the Context Menu, and its functions.

The Context Menu can be used with any selection of objects or when no selection is made.  In this example, I have selected a point cloud region in TBC and opened the Context Menu.  

Users can change the number of commands displayed in the Recent Commands group by accessing the Project Options.  See images below for location.

Several new groups are available when using the Context Menu during a command operation.  The image below shows the various shortcuts available while using the Create Linestring command.  The quick access run commands are available in this menu to remove the need to navigate back to the Command Pane window while running the command.  Now you can focus on the current object and workflow with ease.

Don’t forget to send us your Tip of the Week recommendations and until next week, happy surveying!

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