Tech Talk Tuesday – 07/31/18: Things are Piling Up With Weeks Marine Survey

In the images above, Nobile Basille of Weeks Marine is using a Trimble VX Spatial Station with Trimble Access software to set piles for an amphitheater on the west side of Manhattan. This amphitheater will be set over the Hudson River on top of about 400 piles. Using the circular object stakeout routine in Trimble Access, Nobile is able to set these columns within 1/4″!

Capture and combine scanning, imaging and
surveying deliverables with the singular solution
designed for surveyors. Integrating the technologies
of advanced optical surveying, metric imaging and
3D scanning, the Trimble® VX™ Spatial Station is the
only surveying instrument that does it all and does it
with ease.

If your work is “piling up” contact us today to learn more about our surveying solutions. 

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